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US History D Weekly Syllabus
MLA Citation Website MLA Example Small Group Discussion Format Essays - Do and Don't
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History 1500

History 1500 US Thesis Statement Approval Document Step 3 - Outline Format Step 3 - Outline Exemplar History 1500 Final Paper/Presentation Scoresheet


Zinn Use and Abuse of History Essay Religion In America Independent Research God In America Parts 1, 2, and 4 Questions
Tennessee Circus On-Demand Essays America Creation The Founding Writing Prompt American Creation The Founding Poem American Creation The Founding Performance
Constitutional Amendment Research Slavery Images Performance/Writing December 10, 2013 Five Women Performance Five Women Research Flight Themes Prompt
Oppressed People of 19th and 20th Century Exam Jim Crow Laws Harlem Renaissance Research Project African-American Experience Final Assessment
All Quiet On The Western Front Summative Writing Johnny Got His Gun Performance Propaganda Slideshow and Written Response End Of Course Survey


Age of Reason Section 1 Age of Reason Section 2 Age of Reason Section 4 Age of Reason Section 5 Age of Reason Section 10
Age of Reason Part 2, Section 1 Age of Reason Part 2, Section 3 Age of Reason Part 2, Section 6 Age of Reason Part 2, Section 7 Age of Reason Part 2 Section 8
Age of Reason Part 2, Section 21 (Whole-class discussion) God In America Documentary

Slavery Images 1 Slavery Images 2 12 Years A Slave - Solomon Northup

American Indian Living Conditions Life On The Reservations Native American Poverty Carter Camp
Wounded Knee Occupation of 1973 Forgotten Civil Rights Movement Booker T Washington Marcus Garvey W.E.B. DuBois Booker T. Washington Atlanta Compromise Speech

Harlem Renaissance How Jazz Helped Hasten The Civil Rights Movement How The Civil Rights Movement Was Covered In Birmingham
Sit-ins Reignited The Civil Rights Movement Books Played A Role In The Civil Rights Movement The Civil Rights Movement Before And After MLK
Civil Rights Martyrs Kennedy's Finest Moment Civil Rights Act of 1964 Malcolm X - History Is A Weapon Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream